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We are always looking out and timely help disadvantaged, see our latest campaign, and if can you please donate a small part but its significance for us to help people

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Your donations will be directed to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian...

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Our warehouse is open Mon-Fri 10 am - 4...

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Humanitarian Help

Humanitarian aid. We’re working with trusted and verified partners in Ukraine to get the most up-to-date list of humanitarian and non-lethal protective gear needs and organize its supply to...

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Refugee Program

We’re building an efficient ecosystem to welcome Ukrainian refugees in Florida, equip them with necessities, and guide them to start new lives, both culturally and professionally. For...

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Political Outreach

An important part of our mission is to work with U.S. senators, congressmen, mayors, and commissioners to represent Ukraine's interests and to provide assistance to Ukrainians...

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Donate Online

Your donations will be directed to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian...

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We are a non-profit organization, we are looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring
good things for people. Please join us to contribute small items or a little money to contribute to helping the disadvantaged

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With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack of enthusiastic volunteers and we go where the poverty of the world
to support and propagate the sense of life and sense of protection environment, improve the living conditions

Meet Our Presidents

We are a team of collaborators and volunteers energetic, enthusiastic, always share the same ideal to build a world with
no war, no poverty and no violence. Please contact us to join hands to contribute

Julia Lemesh


Rafi Nagli