About Florida For Ukraine

United by the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we founded the organization as a group of patriotic, passionate, and resilient young professionals with ties to Ukraine now based across Florida’s southeast. 

We speak different languages, follow different religions, come from different backgrounds before the war, and believe this diversity to be our biggest asset. Our expertise, networks, and skills complement each other. Together we are a self-less fighting unit with the sole goal of mobilizing people in support of Ukraine, amplifying their voices in Florida, and building a visible and impactful bridge between Florida and Ukraine in terms of humanitarian aid, diplomatic support, and information resources.

Our Mission

Our mission is four-fold: to (1) accelerate the end of the war in Ukraine, (2) provide humanitarian aid and support the Ukrainian military, (3) help Ukrainian refugees, and (4) contribute to rebuilding post-war Ukraine. 

Specifically, on (1) we will mobilize the Florida-based Ukrainian community, non-Ukrainian supporters of Ukraine, and the Florida-based US political establishment to advance Ukraine’s key diplomatic priorities critical to achieving an immediate ceasefire. 

On (2) we will work with trusted and verified partners in Ukraine to get the most up-to-date list of humanitarian and non-lethal protective gear needs and organize its supply to Ukraine.

On (3) we will build an efficient ecosystem to welcome Ukrainian refugees in Florida, equip them with necessities, and guide them to start new lives, both culturally and professionally. 

On (4) we will focus on what’s needed the most in Ukraine at a given time, ranging from fundraising activities on behalf of Ukraine and Ukraine-based organizations to cross-sharing expertise and best practices between Florida businesses and institutions and Ukraine.

Future Events

Charity Concert May 13, 2022

Past Events

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Rafi Nagli, Co-President

E-commerce Entrepreneur


Karina Moiseeva, Humanitarian Supplies / Operations

Sourcing Manager At Mia Belle Girls


Marina Evtushenko, Humanitarian Supplies

Medical Professional, Entrepreneur


Ilona Nesterova, Partner

Vice-President of Lion King Tavadia Foundation


Mariia Panova, Social Media

Social Media Analyst, Blogger


Andriy Huryn, Logistics

IT Consultant


Dimich Momot, Non-Lethal Protective Equipment

Personal Trainer


Nick Blagodir, Refugee and Displaced People Support



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